Importance of Short Stories


A series of events that are narrated in a certain setting is known as a short story. The events of the series are the outcome of the writer’s creativity and mind.  The gloomy and happy days a writer experiences are what make up the thoughts that are expressed in the short stories. Writer’s release their emotions though their short stories.  A writer is able to express their emotions, opinions and ideals regarding issues affecting the society.  This can be done by the writer either directly or indirectly. Short stories serve the purposes of educating, evoking emotions, entertaining and inspiring people.

Whatever purpose a story seeks to serve, it is undeniable that the stories are very beneficial to people.  Short stories that teach moral lessons should be narrated to children any time you are dealing with them. Children will grow up pondering on what you they learnt when they were told the short stories with moral lessons.  Besides this, the children will be more creative as the stories enhance the children’s imaginative thinking.  How the writer describes the setting, the plot and the characters when narrating the stories trains the children to think imaginatively, this is according to the experts.

Additionally, children are taught to focus attentively to a certain topic so that when it comes to the hard and complex topics, they can easily concentrate.  The vocabularies of the children will be built and this is beneficial.  They will have great communication skills both oral and written since they will have good vocabulary.  Older people are more interested in short stories that are humorous and those that entertain them.  If you want to provoke people to start looking for answers to questions about issues confronting our society, short stories can do this.  People are able to see reality in the fictional events through the short stories even if they did not happen.   In life you will find that there are several events that can relate to these stories.   Know more about Raleigh Journalist.

To make the readers see and contemplate about the realities of life is one purpose of the short stories.  People are also taught to look at the positive side of life through the short stories.  The characters in the story who tell of their adventures are the one who bring out the beauty in life.  The use of characters is to stand in place of the real things in society. Through the characters, writers are able to relay the message they want to the society.

The stories of the characters may not be real but they can relate to that of a real person.  Reading Raleigh Short Stories all no matter their age.


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